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Prior to session:

  • Download, Complete, Sign and return via email before your appointment or bring with you, the hard copy of the Covid-19 Screening Form to the appointment.


If going ahead with booking:

•             Your temperature will be taking for any possible symptoms. If in doubt, session will be postponed.

•             Bring your own pen, and any signed documents.

•             Bring your own water.

•             Bring your own IIR certified mask if you have one, if not you can purchase one at the clinic.

•             Do not touch anything on the premises as you walk in.

•             Take off your shoes.                  

•             Key workers to change out of work clothing and shower before coming to their appointment, especially NHS frontline staff.

•             Client to arrive as close to appointment time as possible.

•             Client to leave coats/ bags in car if possible (out of sight in boot).

•             Clients to come alone to their appointment.

•             Don a mask.


Preferably have a shower before appointment.


On departure:

•             Leave all linens on massage table (including mask if obtained from clinic).

•             Wash hands.

•             Put on shoes.

•             Do not touch anything on the premises on exit.

•             All fees are prepaid, and any additional fee to be made by bank transfer.   

•             Wash hands – dry with paper towels and dispose into a lined pedal bin.

•             Client to don face mask if you have one, otherwise there will be one you can purchase at the clinic.

We apologise for any inconvenience this new working practice may cause. We are however all responsible to protect one another during this unprecedented time. We would like to keep the experience at our clinic as enjoyable, relaxing and fuss free as possible, which is why it would be appreciated if you spend time to process and adhere to these simple but effective steps. Thank you for your understanding and collaboration.

Araré Healing Hub, July 2020

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