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New Hygiene Policy 2020

As it has become crucial to ensure the safety of both our clients and therapists and whilst awaiting the UK government signal to return to work, we have had to put a hygiene policy in place due to the nature and physical proximity of massage therapy.

The following are the hygiene measures we require all our

CLIENTS to adhere to ⬇️

🤒  Client on arrival must not be showing symptoms of covid-19.

🦠 If you have been exposed to the covid-19 virus in the past 14 days, please do not book or turn up for appointment.

😷 All clients must wear a mask on arrival or on request. There's a charge for our disposable masks! 

🧼 Clients must wash their hands on arrival, before we commence any treatment.

Hygiene measures our THERAPISTS will adhere to ⬇️ 😷 We will wear a mask at all times. From when we welcome you, throughout the treatment and until you leave the premises.  

🌡️  We will not be taking on any bookings if any of our therapists are showing symptoms of covid-19 such as coughing and sneezing

🧽 We will disinfect all equipment immediately after every treatment.

🧼 We will wash our hands before and after treatment.

💆We will avoid touching the clients face during treatment.

🧤In some instances it might be necessary to wear gloves. 

🗑️We will dispose in a waste bag all personal disposable items used by every client.

 Araré Healing Hub - May 2020

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