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Why buy our Silvadur Antibacterial reusable/washable mask?

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

This smart antibacterial reusable/washable masks are made with Nano silver ion technology cotton fabric, with 3 layers making them far superior to many of the plain cheap fabric masks that are being sold right now. 

Nano silver ion technology does not just prevent droplets filtrating both in and out of the mask, it inhibits multiplication and growth of those bacteria and fungi which cause infection, odour, itchiness and sores. 

The masks are also reusable/washable and still retain the antibacterial protection even after 50 washes making them cost-effective than using medical disposable mask. 

More importantly, they are environmentally friendly!

The mask is one size fits all. The high resistance elastic ear loops can be easily adjusted by pulling either left or right to guarantee perfect fit.  

The mask has a 3 year shelf life with clear washing instructions on the packaging.

Wear a mask as advised by Centres For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and in line with UK government guidance where social distancing is not always possible.

Tolu AHH

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